Japan 5.31.15

Well this is it, we’re in flight to Tokyo! The Colorado mountains are breathtaking. Most of the peaks are still covered in snow! On my earlier flight to Denver from Colorado Springs, I met an incredible athlete who professionally competes in motocross and snocross. Back in 2008 he suffered an accident during a snowmobile competition, the compound fracture resulted in an amputating his left leg. Even in the difficultly of facing the possibility of never competing again, Mike didn’t lose hope. Instead he allowed this set back to inspire him. In 2010 he founded BioDapt, Inc, engineering durable and versatile mechanical knee’s and limbs for amputees across North America. Upon manufacturing this prosthetic leg, he built a few for different snowboarders who’d had their leg(s) amputated. He would test them to make sure the flexibility and control was balanced. He continued to tell me of his experience of testing snowboards. He said, “I wasn’t too interested until I kept testing it out for these other guys. I was good, and started hanging with the gang, eventually I began training and competing.” Mike now competes in many adaptive sports, including snocross and motocross, winning 6 ESPN X-Games gold medals. He said his is goal is to compete in the 2018 Olympics. You can check it out for yourself, definitely worth the read!


Overall my flight to Denver was very exciting! Such a kind gentleman! I am currently 11 hours away from landing in Tokyo. What to do with my time?! I’m not positively sure yet! Since I’m writing I might as well mention the chaotic situation I experienced this morning. Boarding in Colorado my ticket wouldn’t process! What a mess! I was thankful to get on the plane to Denver after 2 hours of trying to solve the issue. Apparently the airline “accidentally” deleted the seating arrangement for our airline to Tokyo. What are the odds?! I actually had a good seat, too bad they lost it! Oh well, I’m just glad I’m on this plane! Hopefully I don’t get kicked off for sleepwalking or something.


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