For those who have been wondering how and what I’m doing here’s an update! We’re officially back from vacation! Yes, I still feel as though I’m on vacation here in Okinawa, but I’m trying not to live like that!

This past trip to Australia and South Korea were so memorable and thrilling. I feel like I’m a pro at vacation, possibly ready for retirement!

Our days in Cairns were spent well. The first day we simply ate, all day long! It was a marvelous first day of vacation! The second day out on the Great Barrier Reef a few of us spent the day throwing up all that food. Besides 1/3 of our boat getting seasick, it was AWESOME!

I’ve never been so giddy before! I literally skipped about the boat talking to anyone and everyone who wasn’t puking, running back and forth to get food and drinks, and testing gravity when we went over waves. I even joined in a bit of crazy swing dancing with a crew member. When we arrived on sight I got suited up as fast as possible for my dive. When we went down I couldn’t stop smiling; which isn’t good because salt water kept leaking through my regulator. Oh well! The coral was beyond description! I’ve never seen such detail and color. The coral walls seemed like mini mountains under the water. Sadly we did not see any sharks. But nonetheless the dive was unforgettable.

The rest of our time in cairns was spent eating, exploring waterfalls, riding the scenic railway/skyrail, and of course eating more food! Kangaroo and Emu are definitely a new favorite!


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