Don’t Surprise Me, Stephen.

Love this!

Tall Flat White

I’ve been asking my local baristas to surprise me on a regular basis. Since then, I’ve had two very memorable drinks, one being a Grande, IcedLemonade with a shotofMocha. << It was AMAZING.

However, the other day I went through the drive-thru and ordered, “A tall, iced, Surprise Me, please.” I was so excited to try an exotic, newfound beverage and the suspense built as I waited for Stephen to hand me my drink. When the transaction was over, he stuck a snow white cup of ‘blah‘ out the drive-thru window. At that moment I knew I had made a horrible mistake. It was a tall, iced coffee with a shot of vanilla and no classic. It was the most boring drink I’ve ever had; second place would’ve gone to iced water. No joke.

Let’s get something straight: I don’t like milk or…

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